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DATA8001 Data Science and Analytics
DATA8004 Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
MATH6002 Calculus & Statistics
MATH6004 Discrete Maths
MATH6005 Engineering Maths 101
MATH6006 Engineering Mathematics 102
MATH6007 Business Mathematics and Statistics
MATH6012 Technological Mathematics 101
MATH6014 Technological Mathematics 1
MATH6015 Technological Mathematics 2
MATH6016 Technological Mathematics 1 CA
MATH6019 Technological Mathematics 2 & Maple
MATH6023 Mathematics for Technology
MATH6025 Business Mathematics for Hospitality
MATH6029 Calculus and Statistics 2
MATH6031 Engineering Computing 1
MATH6033 Quantitative Techniques
MATH6038 Mathematics for Sceince 2.2 with Maple
MATH6040 Technological Maths 201
MATH6041 Technological Mathematics 220
MATH6043 Technological Mathematics
MATH6045 Technological Mathematics 2 (C.A.)
MATH6051 Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Business
MATH6052 Maths for the Green Industry
MATH6055 Mathematics for Computer Science
MATH6056 Mathematics for Biological Sciences
MATH6057 Mathematics and Statistics for Information Systems 1
MATH6058 Engineering Mathematics 1
MATH7005 Engineering Maths Methods
MATH7006 Engineering Mathematics 211
MATH7010 Mathematics for Science 3.1
MATH7011 Maths for Digital Systems
MATH7013 Maths for Electronic Engineering
MATH7015 Numerical Methods 1
MATH7016 Numerical Methods 2
MATH7019 Technological Math 311
MATH7020 Technological Mathematics 301
MATH7021 Technological Maths 312
MATH7022 Technological Mathematics 320
MATH8001 Calculus and Statistical Analysis
MATH8003 Engineering Mathematics 311
MATH8005 Mathematics for Control & Quality
MATH8010 Multivariable Calculus
STAT6006 Statistical Calculations
STAT6010 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
STAT6011 Statistics and Financial Mathematics for Business
STAT6012 Mathematics and Statistics for Marketing
STAT6013 Biostatistics & Probability
STAT7003 Technological Mathematics 302
STAT8002 Mathematics for Engineers 402
STAT8003 Statistical Quality Control
STAT8004 Statistics & Experimental Design
STAT8005 Statistics for Engineering