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BHRMN_7_Y1 INFO6010 Human Resources Information Systems
BHRMN_7_Y1 LEGS6004 Introduction to Employment Law
BHRMN_7_Y1 MGMT6004 Performance Managment (CA)
BHRMN_7_Y1 MGMT6005 Training and Development Principles and Concepts
BHRMN_7_Y1 MGMT6010 Introduction to Human Resource Management
BHRMN_7_Y1 MGMT6011 Employee Behaviour and Motivation (CA)
BHRMN_7_Y1 MGMT6013 Introduction to Employee Relations
BHRMN_7_Y1 MGMT6014 Training and Development Design and Delivery
BHRMN_7_Y1 PSYC6002 Behavioural Science 1
BHRMN_7_Y1 PSYC6003 Behavioural Science 2