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DATA8001 Data Science and Analytics.pdf
DATA8002 Data Management Systems.pdf
DATA8004 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.pdf
MATH6001 Automotive Mathematics.pdf
MATH6004 Discrete Mathematics with Linear Algebra.pdf
MATH6005 Engineering Maths 101.pdf
MATH6014 Technological Mathematics 1.pdf
MATH6023 Mathematics for Technology.pdf
MATH6034 Management Decision Making.pdf
MATH6037 Mathematics for Science 2.1.pdf
MATH6040 Technological Maths 201.pdf
MATH6041 Technological Mathematics 220.pdf
MATH6051 Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Business.pdf
MATH6055 Mathematics For Computer Science.pdf
MATH6056 Maths for Biological Sciences.pdf
MATH7006 Engineering Mathematics 211.pdf
MATH7010 Attachment Mathematics for Science 3.1.pdf
MATH7010 Mathematics for Science 3.1.pdf
MATH7013 Maths for Electronic Engineering.pdf
MATH7019 Technological Math 311.pdf
MATH7020 Technological Mathematics 301.pdf
MATH7022 Technological Mathematics 320.pdf
MATH7025 Mathematics and Statistics for Environmental Science.pdf
MATH8003 Engineering Mathematics 311.pdf
MATH8005 Mathematics for Control and Quality.pdf
MATH8008 Mathematics for Electrical Engineers.pdf
MATH8009 Mathematical Methods and Modelling.pdf
PHYS8019 Formulae Statistics and Quality Methods.pdf
PHYS8019 Front Page Statistics and Quality Methods.pdf
PHYS8019 Statistics and Quality Methods.pdf
STAT6006 Statistical Calculations.pdf
STAT7004 Process Improvement.pdf
STAT8003 Statistical Quality Control for Chemists.pdf
STAT8004 Statistics and Experimental Design.pdf
STAT8006 Applied Statistics and Probability.pdf